BACKGROUND is an online fundraising platform that allows non-profit organizations/charity centres to create a donation platform or fundraising campaign. Organizations are shifting their fundraising strategies to virtual fundraising instead of in-person. Non-profits will likely turn to hybrid events to provide multiple engagement opportunities for supporters whilst making it easy for supporters to donate anywhere, everywhere. While this platform offers a convenient way of different potential benefits to organizations and supporters, many have yet to hear of its name in the market.


With almost 21 million smartphone users in Malaysia by 2023, it only makes sense that fundraising and other online-based engagements are growing in popularity. That is why it is so important for non-profits to have an online suite of fundraising tools as a part of their online fundraising platform. With its existence in Malaysia and to ensure the increase of user, or strategy includes:-

Promoting the campaign and fundraising via social media

Collating donators (supporters) database for marketing campaign boost

Collaborating with social influencer for promotion and campaigns


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