Social security organization is an establishment meant to cancel or minimize the adverse consequences of unforeseen misfortunes and protection by social insurance to employees to reduce the sufferings and to provide financial guarantees as well as protection to their family. Most young entrepreneurs or self-employed population are solely depending on their personal savings, family members or individual insurance rather than social security insurance for their unforeseen misfortunes due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of basic application eligibility criteria, benefits, economic instability and the importance of contribution for medical and financial protection.


The working class and employees in Malaysia are aware of the existence of PERKESO however, it seems to be less popular in terms of awareness and familiarity especially to the self-employed and blue-collar group. To ensure its relevance, increase the awareness and contribution to the target market group that have less contribution rate, we have anticipated the target market and audience. Our strategy includes:-

Conducted a research and analysis by understanding common reasons of non-contribution of the focused group.

Promoting the awareness of coverage benefits and needs by presenting critical risk that they may be exposed to in their daily work routine.

The critical messagewas also delivered in emotionally engaging and impactful short videos on asocial media platform where the target group of audience are spending most oftheir time on.


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