Everyone in this world, who doesn't want happiness with their beloved family? without family, we are nobody today. But we don't realize it, there are still many of us who have lost love due to the disarray of a family due to the issue of a third party case, economic problems in the household and anything involving the family, will definitely be a very serious issue.

Because of that too, the story brought by HASNURI from us is to show the community out there about divorce cases that happen due to cheating cases between husband and wife and also financial problems that happen in the family.

If you look back at this story, this is actually what is happening in society today. So, that's why we want to highlight the message and the picture where many such issues actually happen but many people also think that this matter is taken lightly.


By delivering an emotional story, can have a great impact on the audience.Normally, it will be easier for the elderly to remember stories that have an emotional element.So with an emotional approach able to give awareness to the audience about the importance of family.

Delivering a heart full of emotions for the audience to remember the story being told

Take a story that involves everyone and it's about family

The story of the rise and fall of a family, which tells the story of a life journey that needs to be taken


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