We spread an awerness about risk have a loan from loan shark by the drama, but why? People love drama.

Loan sharks appear friendly at first, but quickly trap their victims into a vicious cycle of spiralling debts through threats, violence, and intimidation.

These criminals rarely go round wielding baseball bats and smashing windows in. Instead, they use psychological threats and coercive control to extort money from vulnerable people. Loan sharks have threatened to tell partners or colleagues about someone's financial problems or taken precious documents to ensure further repayments.

In a recent case, the loan shark threatened to involve a victim’s family when he fell behind on payments.


We use the television platform (TV9) to deliver messages and exemplary morals to the community about the risks and threats of Ahlong loans.
This is because the television platform is also one of the most effective delivery mediums apart from social media platforms. In addition, the television platform is also easier to show to the community for a longer duration and at the same time can touch the emotions of the audience and convey the message more effectively to the community out there.

Our strategy includes:-

Delivering the message and campaign in an informative and easy to understand by all walks of life.

Spread an awareness to public how their risk a life just because Ahlong

Impactful marketing content by emotional drama to keep on their mind


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