Loan Shark problem never ending. Because people have financial problem to resolve. So can their do to make fast money? Loan Shark is a fastest way to resolve their problem. Otherwise, a biggest problem will come to them involving family and life.

And here a documentary about loan shark and how how they operate. With us, ex-Ah Long worker and Tan Sri Musa Dato' Hj Hassan to tell us on the deeper about Loan Shark and and who is behind them.


With the results of the interview that revealed all the activities of Ah Long, we display everything for the audience to see and hear for themselves from the stories of people who have been involved with Ah Long as well as those who dealt with this case.

Tell the real story behind ahlong's illegal activities

Bring those who have dealt with cases involving ahlong

Dealing with former ahlongs to uncover their modus operandi


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